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Protecting People

Our Offering / Portfolio Our Value Delivery / USP
PPE, Fall Prevention & Protection One Stop Shop for complete personnel protection: Head – to – Toe
Electrical Safety Equipment Highest Quality Brands for PPE like 3M, Honeywell, etc
Gas Detection and Breathing Apparatus Supply, Installation, Training, Commissioning & After Sales Service
Process Safety Monitoring services Risk Assessment and mitigation services Diligent, Highest quality services for Risk assessment and Process Safety monitoring

Protecting Assets

Our Offering / Portfolio Our Value Delivery / USP
Asset Health Monitoring Leveraging IoT and Industry 4.0 techniques for Early Warning of Failures, Identifying & Predicting potential failures, AI and ML models for Value based Maintenance.
Maintenance, Repair Services, Turnaround Assistance, Asset Integrity Enhancement
  • Anomaly Detection, Predictive Maintenance, Analytics
  • Remote Controlling & Operations
  • Repair & Refurbishment of Medium Voltage Electronics
  • Functional testing, Verification & Certification of the system
Rotating Equipment Services & Reverse Engineering
  • Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing and Certification of Gas Turbines, High Speed Rotating Equipment, 3D Modelling / Reverse Engineering, Development of parts and components to suit specific needs and requirements.
  • Manufacturing of critical spares that are made obsolete, difficult to source and/or expensive from OEM.
Inspection & NDT Services We do all metallurgical destructive testing, non-destructive testing and plant health management.
Specialized Well Head Services

Specialty Chemicals, Scale Inhibitors Coating and Additives

Specialty Chemicals include; Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Asphaltene / Paraffin Control, Demulsifiers, Biocides, Scavengers, Foamer & Defoamer, Surfactants, Water Clarifiers
Corrosion Removal, Equipment Protection and Preservation & Mothballing Decades of Experience in Design, Set-up and Implementation of Preservation Facilities, track record of Preserving assets worth over $10Bn. Can provide knowledge transfer through training

Protecting Environment

Our Offering / Portfolio Our Value Delivery / USP
Spill Control Wide variety of environmentally friendly preventive and absorbent oil and chemical spill solutions
Sludge Treatment Bioremediation and bio augmentation for hydrocarbon removal, volume reduction, detoxification and disposal of sludge
Tank Protection, Cleaning / Degreasing Services Our solutions have the least effect on the environment by using substances that are Bio-Degradable and completely safe for human use
Energy Recovery from Flares and Vented Gases Can convert what is being flared or vented into electricity by consuming the gas in a fuel-flexible gas turbine power plant.
Energy Recovery from exhaust heat, process pressure loss, etc. Energy Conservation Steam Turbines, Low Cost Gas Turbine Technical Support Team with 100+ Years of collective experience.

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