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Technology Ownership, OEM Independence, Asset Life Enhancement:

As an after-market provider of Innovation and Supply Chain solutions, we recognize that the key drivers of sustainability are ownership of the technology, knowledge retention, and innovation focused on Asset Life Enhancement.Asset life Enhancement (ALE) begins with the identification of the existing life of the equipment and focusses on increasing its lifetime through several strategies.

Sustain & grow your industry, Progressively!

We specialize in creating “In-Country Value” by providing solutions and services that enable Knowledge Retention, OEM Independence.

  • Specialized NDT & Inspection Services
  • Fit–For–Service Testing
  • Remining Life Assessment
  • Asset Integrity Consulting
  • Contractual Placement
  • Corrosion Solutions
  • Preservation and Mothballing
  • Retrofits and Refurbishment
  • Reverse Engineering – Component Fabrication

Detailed Information

Joint Venture with TCR Engineering in Qatar : www.tcr-qatar.com

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