About – Biewu

The Company

Biewu International is a leading provider of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing solutions and servicesheadquartered in USA and operating in 10 countries across the globe. Founded in 2007, with a vision to provide “Value Creation & Value Integration”locally; Biewu International utilizes its team of over 300+ skilled resources specialized severaltechnology portfolios to deliver innovation and niche solutions to “Protect People, Assets and Environment” right at the customer’s site.

Our success is based on the Concept – to – Completion approach to bridging the technology gaps in the Industry. Our focus is to provide cutting edge solutions in the fields of Rotating Equipment Manufacturing, Asset Lifetime Enhancement, Condition Monitoring and Repairs, Critical Parts Fabricationand Reverse Engineering, Superior Inspection and NDT Techniques, Preservation and Specialty Production Chemicals, HSE Products. With a track record spanning 20 distinct product portfolios, Biewu International has associate entities with manufacturing & dedicated R&D facilities in India, Singapore, Turkey; and a global supply chain spanning over 15 countries. Biewu is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with proven quality practices.

Biewu International has also engaged with several government departments and Oil & Gas giants in the Middle East to help them mothball / preserve assets of value over $2Bn USD.

Our Strengths

Work Culture

At BIEWU, safety is an attitude and our work culture. We put into action out time-tested and proven experiences to help our customers keep their assess operationally sound as well as safe from potential hazards. Customer satisfaction and zero incidents is our business philosophy.

Products, Services and Technology

High quality products and services and unparalleled customer service; to deliver value through innovation are our key strengths. A large stock-base and an agile ever growing fleet coupled with a dedicated services team yields continuous customer satifcation.

Partners in Business

Our partners in business are internationally reputed companies who are leaders in their fields. This is complimented by strong technically support from a team of dedicated and committed staff, enabling us to stand shoulder to shoulder with giants in the industry and provide the right solutions in the right way at the right time.